Importance of Having an Effective Web Design for Small Businesses x

Importance of Having an Effective Web Design for Small Businesses

As businesses, your website is a significant piece of your marketing and advertising efforts. It can either show your potential customers that you are a legitimate business or it can break you and can make them feel that you have little credibility. This is why getting the right web design is crucial, especially if you are a small business that is looking forward for growth.

Why do web designs matter?

It only takes 2.6 seconds for a person’s eyes to focus on an element in a website when it loads. These two seconds are crucial because, at that time, the customers are already able to form an opinion and judgement based on what they see.

In this short time, the visitor has already produced a viable impression on your business.
Does your business look real? Does it give emphasis on small details? Does hiring your company worth my money? There are a lot of questions that may form in your customers’ mind and your website must be able to address it. You must invest time and resources to implement a design that can catch your visitor’s interest and not just use default themes and layout. Your investment in your website will have an effect on your brand image and reputation.

How do I make my web design effective?

1. Make it easy
Your website’s landing page is the one that will set the tone for your company. This is also the page where you need to provide the important information relating to your company, your product and services. This makes it easier for your audience to know and understand what your company, business, and service are about. Adding a call to action compels your website visitor to initiate contact by asking for a quote or just asking questions.

For example, you may put a purchase button or an “Inquire Now” button on your homepage so that visitors will be directed to a specific page that offers assistance, a product or service. This way, they don’t have to look around and appear lost on your website, and this can help you turn website visitors into viable customers. Whatever button you choose to put on that page, make sure that it engages your audience and allows them to know what your products and services are.

Another thing that you have to consider is that a simple design is well received by the visitor rather than a complicated one. It should be clear and concise as well as true to your brand name.

2. Visual aesthetic and appeal
In order to engage your audience, you must have strong visuals to captivate them. Even if you have a good story to tell in your “About Me” section, if you cannot direct your audience to visit that section then the story is lost.

Make sure that you have eye-catching visuals and images that can help you communicate to your target audience. These will also set your brand apart from your competitors. However, you must be cautious in order to keep the imagery relevant to your brand. Making use of imagery that has little to no relevance will just confuse your audience.

3. Consistency of Business Design
When designing web pages for a specific business or brand, it is important that the look is consistent, but not repetitive. Your brand’s personality should always be reflected in whatever design you do.

If you truly want to have a website that will make your business rise from the competition, employ a professional to create your website design. You need experts that will put your vision into concrete work. There is no need to look further because we, at 3W Design, offer a great service in planning, design, development and marketing of your website. We work towards offering you the best solution for your business and honest advice at an honest price. We bring enthusiasm and commitment to every project we work on and we are constantly reviewing new technologies to recommend to our clients. You may send us a message at [email protected].

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