Is transferring web hosting a better option than in-house infra-structure?

Most of the time, the answers to these questions are not dependent on one factor. There are many reasons such as technological integration, business objectives, cost, employees, etc., to conclude whether a company should opt for the idea of transferring web hosting or design an in-house structure. 

However, the broader insight into this matter supports the idea of transferring web hosting since the growing rise in cloud hosting demand has helped establish a complete network management system that is cost-efficient and reliable. 

To help you understand the benefits of transferring web-hosting, I have traced some of the critical questions you may ask from your colleagues and deduce why transferring web hosting is right for your business’s growth.

What are the key questions to consider while opting for the idea of transferring web hosting?

Is running a data management system helps the company to compete? Is it something that differs the products and services?

Primarily, the answer is no. The applications that operate the entire IT infrastructure contribute to the organization’s growth instead of the infrastructure itself. Focus on the nature of your business; if you are running a factory of socks, then imply all your resources towards it instead of hiring an IT team of 200 people who would do nothing but manage your IT system. Therefore, go for transferring web-hosting since it will lessen the burden and ensure that the organization is utilizing all their energy on the main products or services.


What should be the purchase strategy if we manage the hardware ourselves?

Outsourcing is referred to as operating expense (OPEX). The cost of hardware does not depreciate over the due course since the system is not internally built.

While you go for a complete management network that manifests in-house, the capital expense (CAPEX) rises.

Besides that, the maintenance cost, unplanned investment, utility costs become an extra burden on the organization. Whereas, if you choose to outsource or transfer your web hosting, in that case, you are subjected to a monthly or annual payment that helps you plan your expenses and avoid surprise investments.

The organization can focus on its business objectives instead of managing the frequently occurred errors in the system.

Are multiple employees are required for an IT setup

This question holds a significant value for most of the organization since it involves budgeting and managing finances. If your organization can bear the budget of $1000,000/ year for employees, the company will allocate the staff’s budget as per their designation and experience. If you aim to hire a complete management network team, you might need to raise your budget. Thereby, choosing to outsource for your IT system is the most viable option since it’s cost-friendly and equally efficient.

What if we hire only one person and he/she leave the organization?

Employee turnover is unpredictable. You must be assuming that there’s a long-term partnership going on, but you may get a resignation letter one day. Even if you have employed people on a good budget, the chances of them leaving the company are quite possible if the waters get hard or you get a new opportunity.

Documenting and cross-training IT professionals are not commonly practiced in the organization, leaving a void and huge concern for employee turnover. Outsourcing reduces the risk of sudden pause if the employee leaves since the contractual company is responsible for the entire system. It provides the guarantee, autonomy, and complete documentation that helps the company stay stress-free.

Will the outage influence our productivity and internal facility?

Outages are the biggest challenge for organizations since it pauses the complete network management system, resulting in an adverse impact on sales and operation.


Outages are the biggest challenge for organizations since it pauses the complete network management system, resulting in an adverse impact on sales and operation.

Information Week article reported that businesses had 14 long hours of IT outage throughout the year. The article shared that, on average, $55,000 in revenue was lost due to IT collapse. Half of the organizations concluded that IT outage was damaging to their reputation, and 18% concluded it was “extremely damaging.”

Most of the web hosts comprise efficient SLA’s that will tailor the platform according to the need of the business. The SLA can include complete network uptime, hardware replacement, 30-minute emergency response, and resources guarantee.

Will the web host cater to our tailored requirements? 

The web hosting organizations with employees in their personal data centers, such as AIT, has extensive experience, resources, and experience at their end. Therefore, the providers can facilitate the client’s requirement and adjust their needs of the business. 

Since the web hosts are more experienced, they often over analyses and do risk assessment management. The company also enables the employees to work towards the business objectives. You can always call off or in anytime as well.

What will be the consequences if our website becomes popular or viral?

The outsourcing companies and web hosts help set up the virtual server in an hour and physical infrastructure in less than 48 hours. I have witnessed some of the viral websites that took the internet by storm in hours, and the on-demand resources were required. 

While the virtual setup was quick to cater to the on-demand resources, a dedicated physical server’s importance can never be overlooked. 

To attain the same results, the in-house module will cost more to the organization. It will time consuming as well. 

Web hosts can meet the demand since the future results are already predicted and analyze the response. 

How will our customers get the best path globally from your company?

Network latency or you can say “lag,” is a huge challenge while providing a user’s service or experience.

The market researchers conclude that with a difference of even ten milliseconds, the organization can either lose or win a customer. It reflects the importance of network latency, and over the due course, it has gained precedence over data accuracy.

If you are dealing with a community that is either national or global, then in such cases, one or twice connection won’t help. If you allow your website to get hosted by an experienced company, you are catering to the users from more than one connection. 

In exceptional cases, only the meshed networks with automatic failover will cater to the latency problems, which will ensure network performance.


Web hosting companies should have the ability to cater to a wide range of virtual servers and dedicated physical servers. A cost-friendly, quality service and credible network with SLA effective network is a must.

I am sure you must have seen the benefits of outsourcing your website to a web host compared to in-house hosting.

You can always reach out for further ambiguity and questions to us.