Enhance Your Website and Gain More Visitors By Following These Five Tips x

Enhance Your Website and Gain More Visitors By Following These Five Tips

The Web is indeed a very competitive place. If you are not updated with all the latest web design and just let your website be, you will lose potential customers. Getting people to check out your site is merely the first step. The second is keeping them engaged enough to want to stay, return in the future and share your content with other people. Web designing is an ongoing work.

The following web design tips and practices will help you improve your website, win over readers and customers.

1. Enhance loading time
Nothing makes readers leave your website in a few seconds as a slow loading speed. A slow loading time will affect your conversions. If you have a site that has a lot of graphics, make sure that you have the bandwidth and hardware infrastructure to support it. Compression is one way to decrease your page’s bandwidth by zipping large ones.

Picking an excellent host for your site, optimising images  and reducing the number of plugins are other ways of increasing your site’s loading time.

2. Reflect the identity of your brand
Convey your brand’s message to the readers. Choose appropriate images and create a great logo. Next, position your logo and important message to where the reader’s eyes can easily see to boost your logo design and branding. Strengthen your identity with a simple, short and bold message. Answer the questions on who you are as a brand and what you can do for the reader. Don’t also forget to showcase the products and services that you offer.

3. Provide a better user experience
Always remember that when people click on your website, they are looking for specific information. They will rarely, read the entire page. They will skim through your headlines, look at photos, graphics or small portions of texts. By providing your readers with an adequately structured page, they will remember your site first when they will need your products and services. Plus, having an organised site will help you rank better since search engines prefer such websites.

4. Have a unique, fresh and simple design
As the saying goes, first impressions last. By creating a unique impression, your potential customers will remember your site. This practice makes your website stand out. Develop a design with your customers in mind. Don’t overload your homepage with lots of texts and photos. Place only the most essential details and remove everything else to avoid confusion. Less is more.

Also, make sure that you design your pages to be suitable for mobile phones. Most people nowadays use phones to surf the internet.

5. Understand design and development
When building a website, both design and development are needed. Web developers can help you with the frontend and backend work. For front-end developers, they focus more on the client’s side and what the users are going to see when they come across your website.

On the other hand, backend developers deal with the interaction between the databases and servers. Backend work includes ecommerce development, application development, web server configuration, scripting, and others.

In case you do hire developers, there are many companies located in England alone that can help you. Web design Bristol-based agency 3W Design is one example.

In summary, web design is an important thing that shouldn’t be overlooked when developing a website. It can make or break your business. With the right techniques and combinations, you can grab the attention of users and convert them to customers. Good web design dramatically helps in promoting your website and reaching out to the right clients. A consistent practice and design update are needed to keep up with the latest trends.